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Develop a brand identity for a groundbreaking digital streaming experience that instantly contextualizes your music through an interactive display of photos, films, art, fashion, videos, merchandise, news and more. Los Angeles-based startup dedicated to visualizing the world around your favorite music. See your music.


Year: XXXX

Project Type: Brand Identity

Role: Creative Director

Team: G. Marq Roswell (Founder & CEO), Erik Loyer (Co-Founder & CXO), Navid Khalili (Chief Technology Officer), Erik Spiekermann (Designer)

Selected Works

TCHOBrand Identity

Navigator CO2Brand Identity

TunesMapBrand Identity

Forever BlondBrand Identity

re-SKUBrand Identity

Silikon Valley BankBrand Identity

TOCBrand Identity

Die Andere BibliothekBrand Identity

The Berlin JournalBrand Identity

Dulkinys DavisBrand Identity

WIREDBrand Identity