Forever Blond

Forever Blond is a label and a movement inspired by a tribe of bold and curious optimists who shared their stories and ideas that inspire the rest of us. T-shirts and swag can be found on the website, and aspirational messaging can be found on Instagram. The name is a metaphor for the power to change things you can. 


Year: 2017

Project Type: Brand Development

Role: Founder, Designer, Creative Director

Team:  Lisa Keating, Photographer | Friends

Selected Works

TCHOBrand Identity & Packaging

Navigator CO2Brand Identity

Otto BockAdvertising & Film Direction

NaceroBrand Identity

Forever BlondProduct Development

re-SKUBrand Identity

Silicon Valley BankBrand Identity

TOCPublishing & Product Development

TunesMapBrand Identity

Dulkinys DavisBranding & Product Development

WIREDBrand Directed Book Design

PaperPublishing & Content Development